We are located in ¨Los Robles¨ neighborhood, our location is convient for travelers and located close to the city center.
For more detailed information we have made a map of the nearby area that you can check here
You can also find us in Google Maps

How close are we from?

-Managua´s International Airport, 20 min drive away
-UCA Bus Station, 5 min drive away (Buses to Masaya, Granada and León)
-Huembes Market, 10 min drive away (Buses to San Jorge and San Juan del Sur)
-Tica Bus, Platinum , 10 min drive away (Buses to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras,El Salvador)
-Transnica , 5 min drive away (Buses to Costa Rica)

How to get there?

Once you arrive at any bus station or the airport, the best way to get here is by taxi. We offer shuttle services from the airport, you can contact us so we can arrange date and time. We also have a network of safe taxis we can contact once you are here so you can move arround the city without any risk.