Who we are?

Casa Lucía was born as a family business where Margarita(Mom) and Claudio (Son) had the idea to open their house as a place to welcome travelers from around the world and afford them a truly authentic Nicaraguan experience.

“Our idea is to make people feel as if they were in their own house, welcome them as old friends, and immerse them in all “Nica” things – from Nicaraguan culture and gastronomy to history and taking in the striking natural beauty our country has to offer”

We love to exchanges experiences, knowledge, and good conversations with other across cultures. Breakfast is our favorite time of the day, when we gather at the table with guest from different parts of the world and connect over the universal language of food, it’s a magic moment.

The family's “Lean start-up”

Margarita has always dreamed on building a hotel, since 2007 she had all the blue-prints for a big 13 rooms hotel, business plan, construction permits, everything you would need to start a project and get funding, it was that way she found an investor for the project. For good or for bad U.S financial crisis occurred in that same year and both parts decided to back down. The project then plateau, until something happened.

In 2013, Margarita decided to rent two spare rooms, they rent them to Seo, a korean student and Edgar a Panamanian business person. Receiving people in their home from two very different backgrounds it was an amazing experience. Seo and Edgar instantly became part of the family. Edgar went back to his country and the room remained empty.

In an unexpected evening of January 2014 the doorbell rang, it was Craig, a traveler from Alaska that was told about the rooms available but needed the space just for a few days, to then travel to Little Corn Island. Craig lived in a remote area of Alaska. He called himself “Goyo” the Nicaraguan nickname for Gregorio. Goyo came from a very different environment, not just below zero temperatures but a very modest life-style, he lived by himself, in a place reachable only after an hour of skiing, chop wood in the mornings for heat, grow vegetables in his own greenhouse to keep his vegetarian diet and when he cheated he would go fishing for salmon in the closest river. He was indeed a man of the mountain.

Goyo delighted by the attention received decided to prepare an incredible vegetarian lasagna for the family as a way of saying thanks. It was at that moment sharing as a family with a person from Alaska and a student from Korea, that they realized they wanted to open their house to the world.

Claudio had the idea to retake his mother idea with a lean approach to start the bed and breakfast with the existing rooms and start the marketing. Margarita agreed and then they name it “Casa Lucia” after Adriana Lucia, the youngest daughter of the family. From then on it just kept growing. More rooms, more travelers, more stories, more friends from all over the world. The guest loved it, they offer far more than just a comfortable place to stay it was a real experience, with real people.

Casa Lucía truly became a second home to all of their guest, who recognized the warm welcoming of their host and the exceptional service.