What is a #CasaLuciaExperience? the easiest way to explain it is with a quote from Arthur O'Shaughnessy "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams" Together we make the most epic experiences happen, no trip is the same. We don't like boxed tours, we hate them. This is why we came up with a concept of a "Game Plan" , when a player goes to the court they usually have a game plan, but they adapt as the game is going and search for opportunities to score.

We believe that is in the unscripted that travel finds the most memorable moments, our main goal is to make you experience the real Nicaragua from a local perspective and create lifelong lasting memories in all the time you are in our hands. Like running with a pizza in ometepe to catch the last ferry, or being trapped between a tsunami and a hurricane in San Juan del sur, or an epic expedition inside Masaya volcano with National Geographic, or experience a turtle nesting by accident in a secluded beach, being dragged by the current of massive river in Somoto Canyon, waking up in your private island to an epic volcanic view, camping in a hidden beach cooking fish from local fisherman, crashing a Toro Venado parade, dancing marimba in the middle of the street with random people etc, all of this real life experience.

This "game plan" is for people seeking a smooth introduction into the Nicaraguan culture and perhaps has plans of further traveling inside the country. We have put together a plan that consist on 3 active day trips, in Managua, Masaya and Granada, all based in Casa Lucia, Managua, so this will allow you to have fun during the day but also enjoy the local nightlife.

We can surely customize your experience this is what is all about.

-4 nights accommodation in Casa Lucia
-All shuttles
-All entrances
-Round trip from the airport (if necessary)
-Kayaks, paddle boards usage in Laguna de Apoyo
-Boat ride in Lake Nicaragua
-24/7 support
-Bilingual guide
Do not Include
-Lunch or dinner
-Kayak in Lake Nicaragua
-Insurance (Medical, Accident, Life) Not that you’ll be charged any, just so you know

Day 1-Arrival

You Arrive to Nicaragua, we are waiting for you at the airport and take you to Casa Lucia to get settled in our B&B. You start your Nicaraguan journey with a nice traditional meal and prepare for the adventure.

Day 2- Managua

Your mornings will start with a freshly brewed premium Nicaraguan coffee like only we can provide (seriously we carry coffee with us wherever we travel) and the internationally famous Casa Lucia breky. This day is up to a full start on Nicaraguan culture we are going to the market, lookout of the city of managua, the historical center , the lake side port and others. You’ll get to feel the pulse of this country and learn our history and complexity in this day, and of course enjoy cold Toñas by the lake as the sun goes down.

Day 3 -Masaya

After a delightful cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast we are on the way to Masaya, the cultural capital of Nicaragua, there we are visiting the handcraft market where local artist sell their pieces, after doing some shopping we take on to our enormous pool a 23 thousand year old crater lagoon, where you can swim, kayak, paddleboard or just chill. As the sun goes down be ready for the adventure of your life, we are going to the world’s newest lava lake Volcan Masaya named the mouth of hell by the spanish conquistadors and appreciate nature at full scale. It’s mesmerizing.

Day 4- Granada

Your trip to Nicaragua would be incomplete without going to Granada, the oldest city in mainland america therefore filled with history and colonial architecture, here we’ll go into exploration mode as every trip is different and an experience of it’s own, . Not only you’ll get to experience Granada but navigate lake Nicaragua (the largest sweet water lake in Central America) and the 365 islets in a hour boat tour, where you may as well decide to have lunch in one the islands or go kayaking in the lake. This is your experience and you are in full control.

Day 5- Departure

If we did a good job, you don’t want to leave Nicaragua and want to come back for your next epic experience. Do you think 5 days is not enough?, write us an email for an extended proposal.

Casa Lucia

Experiences :

-Experience a real Nica Market its foods, smells and sounds. (a lot going on)

-The life/night life in Managua, the place everyone skips but we know better.

-Swim and kayak inside a volcano as crazy as it may sound.

-Stare into one of the 7 lava lakes in the world aka The Mouth of Hell (epic)

-Navigate 365 islets made by a volcanic landslide in the endless lake Nicaragua

-Typical Nicaragua food (we’ll go as far as you want but we are not eating iguana eggs)

-Nicaraguan coffee at it’s finest

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4 nights / 5 days for 2 people $599

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